Can Your Body Heal Itself?

Scientists have discovered new techniques that trick bone marrow into releasing up to 100 times more stem cells that will repair damaged tissue and stimulate new tissue growth. Research is projected to begin on humans by 2020. Read full article on Recent Bone Marrow Research

New Research to Heal Bones – Faster

Helping Fractures Heal

Orthobiologics are used to help heal injuries more quickly. More specifically, orthobiologics are used by orthopaedic surgeons to improve repair of broken bones and injured muscles, ligaments and tendons.

During the healing process, bleeding provides a way for healing factors to reach the injured area. To aid the healing process, there are 3 ortho-biologic substances: Matrix, Growth factors and Stem cells.

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Research Studies on K-Wire Technique

Current Concepts In Treating Fifth Metatarsal Fractures – Kirschner Wire Fixation
Jennifer Miklos, DPM, Alan Catanzariti, DPM, FACFAS, and Robert Mendicino, DPM, FACFAS, (May 2010).
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One Century of Kirschner Wires and Kirschner Wire Insertion Techniques: A historical review, by B. Franssen, A. Schuurman, A. Van Der Molen and M. Kon (2010).
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Heat Generation During Implant Drilling: The significance of motor speed, by M Sharawy, C. Misch DDS MDS, N. Weller DMD MS and S. Tehemar BDS PhD (2002).
Read study performed to measure heat generated from 3 drilling speeds used for dental implants.