Kirschner wires, also known as K-wires, are manufactured for various surgical procedures that primarily involve holding bone fragments stable for the time period necessary for the bones to heal. K-wire surgical techniques are less invasive than previous procedures used to treat bone fractures, such as plates and screws.

K-wires are commonly used in hand, wrist, elbow, ankle and foot injuries. Bone sizes can vary widely between patients: from adults and teens versus children, males versus females, and those with short, thin bones versus large, thick bones. Based on a patient’s skeletal architecture and the surgical placement, different K-wires may be more successfully applied.

Wire size is but one parameter that can have a bearing on the surgical outcome of K-wire procedures. K-wire tips, threading and insertion technique are additional considerations for the varied surgical applications.

Custom Designed to Your Exact Specs

We accommodate surgeons and their highly individualized surgical preferences by focusing only on providing custom Trocar and Diamond K-wires. Each wire is based on your exact specifications and adherence to quality and confidentiality.

Due to our recognized expertise, we have the unique position of providing only Customized (non-standard) Kirschner Wires. Therefore, we do not stock “standard” Kirschner Wires for supply order fulfillment.

Because of our expertise in manufacturing unique fine wire and ultra-fine wire trocar and diamond points, we serve the medical and dental surgical industries with high-quality surgical components that meet very exact measurements and cleanroom quality requirements.

Many of our customers’ orders are for proprietary specifications. Our technicians can also serve your unique Kirschner wire specifications with the same manufacturing expertise, consistent quality and confidentiality.